Keeping It Cute During Covid... By Soey T.

Keeping it Cute During Covid..

 Hey Plato’s peeps this is Soey coming at you live, gladly serving you as one of the  buyers at Platos Closet Southpoint. Even though our physical location is not open for everyone’s safety during quarantine please make sure you checkout our Instagram @platosclosetsouthpoint to keep you up to date with all the fashionable reusable styles!

Talking about quarantine it could be so easy to let loose and go around with your bed head and your three day old sweatpants and I’m sure everyone wants to embrace their inner Beyoncé “I woke up like this” but honey that is not cute. Now we don’t have to dress like were going to the Met Gala-even though that would be amazing. No need to panic girls we here at Plato’s closet got your back with comfy cozy cute quarantine looks that range from soft to slouchy, cute or athletic. Imagine yourself binge watching your favorite episodes of The Office (my personal fav) in an oversize t-shirt and pair of lounge pants! For our more adventurous girls who like to kick it up a notch check out our athletic section on filled with Nike shorts, tops and Adidas sweatpants ( maybe some lulu lemon if you set your alarm in time for the launch. )

Don’t forget to keep checking our website for new post weekly to fill all your quarantine fashion looks! Remember just because were socially distancing doesn’t mean you can’t keep turning heads. Make sure to tag us in all your Plato’s Closet finds in your Instastories or posts @platosclosetsouthpoint. Here at Plato’s we care about you, remember to wash your hands and stay safe my Platos Peeps

Virtual Besos Everyone

Soey-Luz (here to light up your world)


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