Shopping is The Best Medicine.

Real life. Real world. Things are rough out there right now. Everyday we push ourselves to make business decisions that matter. Plato's Closet Southpoint is more than just a shop, its a family. Made up of a decidedly adorable staff and an incredibly loyal customer base, we all invest in this store in some way or another. When we host parties, hundreds of our best friends show up. When we drop a new Feature wall our DM's Blow up, but what's the point in designing a beautiful Feature if no one is coming in to see it? How can we continue to be our best when there are only obstacles in our way? This.is.how. 

We're going to continue to do business, to give our staff a paycheck and to provide our clients with the best. The best products, the best prices and the best attitudes, dudes. Each week we will give access to hundreds of items in our 'Sunday Features.' The same amazing product that hangs in our stores displays will be available to purchase online through our Instagram & Shopify accounts. Everyday we will continue to post crafted content on our feed and story that will be available immediately for pickup. 

We don't know when things will go back to normal and we do know that were not the first of mankind to open up an online shop... *enter Nobel prize pls*... but we hope to surprise you, entice you, put a smile on your face and a *less than the mall* size dent in your wallet. ᵔᴥᵔ


PC Southpoint 

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